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Our expertise is flexible: we offer solar panel cleaning to residential, agricultural, and commercial clients.

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We perform a variety of different types of housing from one to three story properties. For residential properties we recommend following the recommended schedule in your warranty and installation contract. Cleaning Bee Pro offers a discount for clients participating in our regular cleaning schedule program. Here at Cleaning Bee Pro, we clean your solar panels using de-ionized purified water cleaning treatment which eliminates mineral spots or hard water stains on your panels.

You can be sure that all of our cleaning comes with a 3-point service:

• Detailed Solar Panel Clean
• Check for any cracks or chips
• Check for any discoloration, rust, instability or corrosion


Commercial solar panels generated huge power output and can save your company thousands of dollars each year on electricity but are often forgotten about and not cleaned. By cleaning your commercial solar panels, you can realize real financial savings while conserving energy.

Why clean solar panels? Solar panels are susceptible to accumulating dust. Why is Cleaning Bee Pro important? Regular Cleaning Bee Pro helps allow your solar panels to reach their maximum production and most importantly, saves you more money in the long-term.

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Agriculture Solar Cleaning

We provide solar cleaning services for wineries, farms and cannabis growers using NO CHEMICALS. You read that correctly. Our equipment uses no chemicals ensuring that your soil and harvests remain protected.

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